Of All Its Parts ep. 1-3

Episode 1: Aug. 3rd, 2018 | CORPUS – Royal Danish Theatre (DK)
Episode 2: May 23rd, 2019 | Aaben Dans, Roskilde (DK)
Episode 3: Jun 28th, 2019 | MARC – Milvus Artistic Research Center, Knislinge (SE)

This is the initiation of an episodic journey in four parts. It is an investigation into the vivid potentials of human imagination through various transcendenting techniques. Floating between this reality and various dream scapes two-women-machine-show discover a complex figure that stretches across the here-and-now and a place we could call elsewhere. Out of these endeavours a series of potent questions arises: What is the relationship between the imaginary, the real and the choreographic? How does movement translate across these different dimensions? And, can the imaginary and materially abstract be transcribed at all? 

“it’s a question about perceived reality
the torso of an eagle, a furry front side.
what’s a figure?
a figure from in between realities
how does it move? what is it waiting for?
slow rocking from the depths of the trunk
scenes from imagination
a space built around and from the performer. the living carry the dead. everything is added to the same space.” Dream script excerpt

Of All Its Parts is the title of a choreographic work that unfolds over the course of five episodes. Through each episode, the work dives deeper into the latent layers of human imagination—gathering a spectacular and genuinely diverse accumulation of dreams and vision-like materials. By applying these materials to a choreographic setting which focuses on layering and interweaving, a grandiose figure is gradually brought to life growing and complexifying through each episode.

Concept: two-women-machine-show
Performers: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Sara Grotenfelt, Amalie Bergstein Nielsen
Sound: S. Rieser

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