Of All Its Parts: From Darkness

December 8th-9th, 2020 | MDT, Stockholm (SE)
February 25 – March 1, 2020 | Pakhus 11, Copenhagen (DK)

With Of All Its Parts: From Darkness, we the duo two-women-machine-show, conclude our episodic journey into the unknown depths of a shared imagination. The result shows a timeless and transformative figure, whose dancing is a ceaseless flux between someone and another, between the body of the performer and the body of the sound/set/theatre/audience, between magical fables and possible depictions of the real

Leading up to 2018 we had spent several years exploring different somatic and meditational techniques that could allow us to enter a pre-cognitive state of being – some approaches were self-invented, some were taught to us by others. By practising these different techniques we were able to interact with those inner spaces that express themselves via dreamscapes and vision-like experiences.

Between 2019-2020 we made joint journeys into these inner spaces in a total of 24 times. We carefully documented what we experienced through a writing method that eventually produced a book of 24 scores. The final episode in the journey of Of All Its Parts is entitled “From Darkness” and is the literal manifestation of these 24 scores activated – in parallel times – in light, costume, movement, set-design and sound. The work shows the appearance of a transformative figure that at the same time embodies 24×5 identities, leading to an overflow of fleeting images and chaos. What becomes possible in this grand dance of ceaseless fluctuation is a common dive into the messy nature of a collective unknown — invoking voices, spaces and stories that appear in a timely moment to gently make their demand.


Concept & Performance: two-women-machine-show
Sound: S. Rieser
Light Design: David Nicolas Abad
Performance Consultant: Jonathan Bonnici
Choreographic assistant: Angela Bundalovic
Graphic Design: Sam Moore
Production Manager: Gry Raaby
Communications Director: Jeffrey Scott Stratton
Administration: Projektcentret
In residency: CORPUS – Det Kongelige Teater (DK), Aaben Dans (DK), MARC – Milvus Artistic Research Center (SE), MDT (SE)
Co-production: Dansehallerne, MDT
Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, William Demant Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond

© Two Women Machine Show, All Rights Reserved.