The Physical Order of Power – On Super Exposure (Electric Power)

August 5-12, 2014 | National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen (DK)

‘The Physical Order of Power’ refers to an ongoing study circle between choreographer Sara Gebran and two-women-machine-show. Once or twice a year they meet in a residency to openly discuss the physical manifestations of power. Topics touch on domestic relations, electricity or larger societal structures. Each circle ends with a public sharing.

The first study circle began with a statement by author and political activist Arundhati Roy: “I think of globalization like a light which shines brighter and brighter on a few people and the rest are in darkness, wiped out. They simply can’t be seen. Once you get used to not seeing something, then, slowly, it’s no longer possible to see it.” In the middle of a blackbox space a white square 1x1m is lit up by 8 fresnel theatre lamps. The intense lighting causes a spill which super exposes certain details while keeping others in complete darkness. The audience are invited to discover their own navigation through such an environment.

Concept & Performance: Sara Gebran, Paula Caspao, two-women-machine-show
Dramaturge: Paula Caspao
In residency: National School of Performing Arts (DK)

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, KUV – The National School of Performing Arts

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